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v1_smallWelcome to new-look College Court Report!

We have changed a few things around, and added some new features and sidebar menus that we hope will make your reading pleasure that much easier.

Please use the menus on the side to access our most recent posts, our more popular articles, and to filter between the different conferences to make things easier for yourself as you browse through our articles!

Even though the website has a new look and a new home, I promise you that we will continue to produce great articles that I hope you will all continue to enjoy and read. I would like to personally thank you for taking the time out of your day to check out College Court Report for your NCAA basketball needs!

Cheers, and happy reading!

– T.B.

6 thoughts on “CCR Home Page”

  1. new poll is way off re jon davis …. charlotte 49ers

    i contacted you last night. no change. pls verify that polling is accurate. very probable that your recording is in error, if not reversed. please check. thnx.


    1. We have started a new poll and from our perspective, all numbers are accurate. We have tested several times, and had others do the same, and polls work accordingly. We will monitor and assess as we move along. Thanks.


      1. The percentage is different because people have voted since last night, thus affecting each player’s percentage of the votes in their respective match-up.


  2. Quick question, if I have a class room full of kids, all on the same wireless network, but using their tablets or smartphones.. If they each vote, being that they share the same IP, does the vote count per every person that’s voting???


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