CCR Mid-Major Player of the Year Fan Vote: Round 2 Results

Who else is better qualified to hand out some college basketball hardware than the fans who watch the games on a regular basis?


The 2nd Annual CCR Mid-Major Player of the Year Fan Vote got under way on February 29th, and the votes started to roll in right from the outset. Schools got behind their talented players, trying to propel their players to the top of the contest.

Some schools emerged as early front-runners, while others picked up steam as the week moved onwards. In total, a combined 10,358 votes were cast in the second round through the online polls and tweets using the #CCRPOTYFanVote hashtag.

Below, you can see who moved on, and the percentage of votes they received in each of their respective match-ups.

You can vote for the Sweet 16 here!

East Region

Tanner Plomb (56.7%) def. Chris Thomas (43.3%)

Quinton Hooker (58.1%) def. Tim Kempton (41.9%)

Josh Hagins (64.3%) def. Kyle Wiltjer (35.7%)

Quinton Chievous (67.7%) def. Jaylen Adams (32.3%)

West Region

Ethan Telfair (70.6%) def. Kahlil Felder (29.4%)

Damon Lynn (52.4%) def. Fred VanVleet (47.6%)

Rashun Davis (75.7%) def. Tahjere McCall (24.3%)

AJ English (61.9%) def. Kyle Collinsworth (38.1%)

South Region

Justin Robinson (83.6%) def. John Brown (16.4%)

Alec Peters (55.5%) def. Alex Hamilton (44.5%)

Cane Broome (55.3%) def. T.J. Cromer (44.7%)

Shawn Long (69.3%) def. Wes Washpun (30.7%)

North Region

Austin McBroom (62.8%) def. Omar Prewitt (37.2%)

Rashawn Thomas (52.7%) def. Max Landis (47.3%)

Obi Emegano (51.0%) def. Chris Horton (49.0%)

Trey Freeman (59.7%) def. Thomas Walkup (40.3%)

– T.B.