On the Brink: JUCO Wing Donte’ Watson Commits to North Carolina A&T

After a strong career with the Copiah-Lincoln Wolfpack, Donte' Watson has committed to play for the North Carolina A&T Aggies. (Souce: Natalie Davis - Co-Lin Media)
After a strong career with the Copiah-Lincoln Wolfpack, Donte’ Watson has committed to play for the North Carolina A&T Aggies. (Souce: Natalie Davis – Co-Lin Media)

The late USA Ice Hockey coach Herb Brooks once said  “Great moments are born from great opportunities.”

In the small town of Wesson, Mississippi, that great moment comes for Copiah-Lincoln sophomore wing Donte’ Watson, who recently seized his great opportunity. Watson describes the great moment in four simple words: “hard work pays off.”

After two impressive years at Copiah-Lincoln, Watson has officially committed to the North Carolina A&T Aggies. Our own Trent A. Brinkley goes in-depth with Donte’ Watson in an exclusive interview about his recent commitment.

As a freshman, Watson averaged 11.3 points, 6.0 rebounds, and 1.7 assists per game while shooting 44.6% from the field. He scored double-digit points in 15 out of the team’s 23 games.

Watson took this momentum into his sophomore season, improving his points per game average to 15.3, and keeping his rebound total high at 4.6 rebounds per contest. Watson shot 41.4% from the field and 70.3% from the free throw line as well.

Watson will join rising junior shooting guards Sam Hunt and James Whitaker, and senior Denzel Keyes, next season with the Aggies. At 6’6”, Watson will be the tallest shooting guard on the Aggies’ returning roster next year.

Check out Trent A. Brinkley’s exclusive interview with the newest member of the Aggies, Donte’ Watson, below.

Co-Lin Media / Natalie Davis
Co-Lin Media / Natalie Davis

You played at Riverdale HS, where you made varsity as a freshman.  Were there any transitions you had to make as a freshman?

“It was most definitely playing with older guys because that was my first year playing organized ball . So adjusting to it and having the confidence to play. I was terrible tho lol. As a freshman my coach told me to always give everything I have even when things aren’t goin’ right. So never be a one dimensional player be everything!”

What did you do to get confidence and learn how to adjust? 

“I had to actually work on my game in a gym and get stronger . I had to also learn to listen to my coach and trust that he would put me into situations to be successful. Mostly through practice so when it was game time it became natural.”

Who inspires you and who gave you the best advice about life or basketball?

“Most important was my father, he said life is like a calculator whatever you put in is what you get. So if you put BS that’s what you gone get and if you put in work and sacrificing times to be great that’s the results you’ll get.”

Your brother has been very supportive of your commitment, but who is the better basketball player?

“Me by far lol he’s the brains of the family he lives in California for grad school. He’s also a stylist for me when I do events and helps me with school as well.”

If you were not a basketball player, what would you want to be?

“Growing up I use like to dance lol . I wanted to be a professional dancer but my body changed a lot so can’t really move anymore lol.”

What music is on your iPod on game-day to get you hype?

“I listen to Future , young thug rappers like that lol.”

What is the hardest part about preparing for a big game?

“Staying focus all the way through that entire day and trying not to think of anything else but the Game.”

What was it like to play for Coach Kenny Bizot at Copiah-Lincoln?

“It was great I enjoyed playing for him, that man believed in me even during tough nights, never gave up on me, always wanted to see me do good. He let the great players be great . Stay on me with school that was his #1 priority.”

Do you have any superstitions?

“I would say splitting the pole is the one. So if your walkin’ with someone always walk on the same side.”

Who would you pick for your NBA all-time starting five?

“Curry , Kobe , MJ , Lebron , & Shaq”

What separates your game from others that you have played against?

“My size and my ability to create my own shots.”

Guards tend to want the ball when it matters most for a last second shot. Is that true for you?

“I take it upon myself, I love the big moment. I am not afraid to take the last shot. Which ever decision I make I can live with it. I always have confidence in myself to be great!”

What skill set are your bringing to North Carolina A&T on and off the court?

“My versatility and focus… Versatility on the court, and stay focus off the court with class and staying out of trouble.”

How did you get into playing basketball?

“Honestly man I don’t know lol it all started in 8th grade when I started to grow and out of no where I picked up a ball and wanted to play. Sprouted from 5’8 to 6’0 in a school and went on from there.”

What led you to pick North Carolina A&T?

“The head coach I believe he sees something in me that no other coaches do . He’s very serious about basketball and wants to win. He believes in work! Do that and everything falls in place, he’s also a good guy, very laid back.”

What do you make of North Carolina A&T’s campus?

“It’s very nice look forward to being apart of it!”

What are you most excited about playing for Jay Joyner at North Carolina A&T?

“Him using me in different situations to show my versatility. Also the workouts I know he’ll get me faster and stronger. He’ll put me in all the right positions to be successful!”

What are your year one goals at North Carolina A&T?

“To put in work get better individually and as a team and become the 2017 MEAC champs.”

Meet  Donte’  Watson


Favorite NBA player(s)?           Lebron, Paul George, and Kobe Bryant

Favorite Basketball Movie?  Sebastian Telfair – Through the Fire

Attended major?                          Business or Psychology

Favorite Food?                              Chicken and Seafood

Xbox or Playstation?                PlayStation

Who would you love to shoot with?  Paul George

What do you want to be remembered by?  

“A great versatile player and as a person who was humble , a hard worker and good people’s person.”

How many shots a day do you take when you are either done with practice or free shooting?  

After practice it’s normally 250-300 made shots and free shooting I imagine someone is guarding me and I work on moves goin’ into my jump shot”

All rights to Co-Lin Athletics
All rights to Co-Lin Athletics

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  1. I am very proud of you donte from your uncle pat. You are a walking example for the younger generation. Younger kids will look up to u as u continue to succeed so don’t ever forget that they are watching u and being inspired by your hard work and dedication. Continue doing what u are doing you are the type of model we need and look forward to looking up to in the future. You like future the rapper but you are the FUTURE! I love u and continue to focus. Now let’s go N.C. A&T


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