On the Brink: LaGuardia CC Red Hawks Freshman Guard Briana Johnson

All rights to Brandon Charlton, and LAGCC Athletics
All rights to Brandon Charlton, and LAGCC Athletics

Freshman guard Briana Johnson did it all for the LaGuardia Community College Red Hawks this past season. Johnson’s efforts, both offensively and defensively, provided a spark for the Red Hawks. Johnson led the team in scoring, averaging 15.5 points per game, while finishing fourth of the team with 4.2 rebounds and second in three pointers made.

Based on her performance on the court and praise off the court, Johnson’s story is one that needed to be told. She is this week’s featured interview in the weekly column, “On the Brink.”

Learn her journey from her basketball lineage, why she enjoys taking charges, why she wants to be remembered as a leader, but most importantly, why she is out to prove people wrong.

Who has had the biggest basketball influence on you in your life?

My father, he’s humble, his whole side of the family are basketball coaches, they own their own basketball program, and he always had me in the park or in the gym pushing me to become a better athlete.

What was that like as a kid growing up knowing that about your family?

Growing up I didn’t realize how lucky I was to have this. I realized it at 14 that I should take advantage. So every chance I got I was in the gym. So many positive, knowledge people around me to that have me in their best interest. 

Who has had the biggest life influence on your life outside of sports?

My mother, she told me to not let anybody or anything get in my head that is negative. She also told me to never give up at anything I put my mind to. 

What is it like to play for head coach Anthony Alfaro? 

I really enjoy playing for him. He actually looks deep down into my flaws and tries to help me fix them. He would show me different fundamental drills or print out pictures and/or send videos. I can honestly say the couple of months I played for him was great and it’s going to keep getting better because all he wants is for us to get better. 

In my interview with Coach Alfaro, he says in practice the team does a drill called “Take a Charge.” What is that like?

During the “Take a Charge” drill I go against anybody. I honestly enjoy taking charges because of the drill. 

What separates your game from others that you have played against?

I feel like my hard work and heart separates it, because I am not the best player in the world but I believe I can do everything on the court. What ever my coach asks I do and accomplish them very well, I will not stop until I get what I want on the court.

All rights to Brandon Charlton, and LAGCC Athletics
All rights to Brandon Charlton, and LAGCC Athletics

What’s next for Briana Johnson?

I want to keep putting in extra work in to play at the next level in D2 or D1. 

What do you want to be remembered by, both on and off the court, during your career?

I want to be remembered as a leader and also be remembered as the person who proved a lot of people wrong. 

Meet  Briana Johnson

All rights to LAGCC Athletics
All rights to LAGCC Athletics

Favorite Foods?  Boneless Chicken Wings with blue cheese dressing

Attended Major/Degree?   Criminal Justice

Who would you love to shoot with?  Stephen Curry 

Favorite music artist?   Fab

Twitter or Snapchat?   Snapchat 

Dream Vacation spot?  Miami, Florida


What Others Say About Briana Johnson

– Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord. “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. It’s now or never, my mom told me once ,”God doesn’t open doors for you twice”

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