My Life: Donte Watson’s Life as a Junior College Basketball Player & Now North Carolina A&T Commit


All rights to Copiah-Lincoln CC Athletics
All rights to Copiah-Lincoln CC Athletics

Coming up in the basketball world I was always doubted , being told “He doesn’t shoot it good enough”, ” He needs to work on his skill set” , and ” He doesn’t have what it takes.” I was also turned away by AAU teams and coaches.

All that made me want to quit because I didn’t know how to handle it but I never got down on myself or lost my confidence. I always knew I can be the best. Putting in all that hard work and dedication made me always believe that “if you don’t grind, you don’t shine.” All that made me to who I am today.

I’m Donte Watson, a North Carolina A&T commit, this is my story. 

When you come to a junior college, you should approach everyday with a purpose. This helps develop your game on and off the court. You will most definitely grow as a person and player. If you wanna play ball, you have to go to class so it’s no choice with that but as far as a social life I feel it’s easier to make your teammates your closest friends because your with them everyday.

Keep pushing for better and at the end it’ll all pay off. It gives insight on what it’s like to be a college athlete, shows you how everything goes so you’ll know when you go to your next place.

Never stop working, slumps happen it’s all about how you approach them and what you can learn from that game to get ready for the next. It’s different ways to affect the game , scoring isn’t always the answer.

Never let what people say break you , as long as you know who you are and what you can accomplish no other opinions matter. Chase your dream no matter what , you may lose people on the way to the top but that’s life.

Stay focused on your goals, I focus on what’s in front me and what I have going on now instead of worrying about what’s outside that.

It is a lot of emotion that builds up with happiness because your work is being noticed. You know there are people that believe in you and that you can make an impact in their program.

Life is good, because I’m doing everything a young male can do to better himself in society. I want to become a psychologist to help people with life problems and make them happy. You have to go to class so it’s no choice.

I spent about 12 hours a week dedicated to basketball activities.  I get about two hours a day  or sometimes more working on my game. I spend  my mornings in the weight room and do running to stay in shape.

Don’t ever be held back, let it all out, and be great everyday.

I am Donte Watson, a North Carolina A&T commit.


– Donte  Watson

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