On the Brink: LaGuardia CC Women’s Basketball Freshman Lexis Valentin

Lexis Valentin has a dream of playing on TV one day so her grandmother, who is unable to travel to see her games live, can witness her play the game she loves.
Lexis Valentin has a dream of playing on TV one day so her grandmother, who is unable to travel to see her games live, can witness her play the game she loves. Photo courtesy of Lexis Valentin’s Instagram

The late Audrey Hepburn once said, “The most important thing is to enjoy your life- to be happy- it’s all that matters.”

For freshman guard Lexis Valentin, this message holds true.

Valentin is a freshman guard for the LaGuardia Community College Red Hawks, and plays under head coach Anthony Alfaro.

Valentin finished this season averaging  10.6 points, 2.3 assists, 2.4 rebounds, and 1.5 steals per game while shooting 35.3% from the field, 34.7% from three point range, and 69.6% from the free throw line.

In our interview with the freshman guard, we discuss who she looks up to in the basketball world, her love for God and the game of basketball, and the culture she is a part of.


What advice would you give to young players who are headed to junior college to play basketball?

Not to overthink, just play basketball, work hard at your game. Believe in your arch, believe in your shots. Just stay true to your heart, things will follow in place. 

What does the game of basketball mean to you?

Everything, been an outlet for me been playing since fourth grade, my brother Zachary introduced me to the game.  It has changed my life. 

Who do you play the game for?

I play for my mom because she’s always told me I can accomplish anything I can. I also play for my grandmother because she never comes to games considering her heart can’t take it seeing get hurt. I want to play on TV one day so she can see me play. 

Who is the best person you follow on social media?

Stephen Curry, I love watching what he is doing, since I myself am a shooter. Knowing how to carry yourself, and deal with your family. I love the culture he does and with his wife’s page too. 

If you could time travel back in time, what basketball player or sports figure who you want to meet?

I would have wanted to meet Michael Jordan in his prime or to tell you the truth when Jordan was at North Carolina. 

What is it like to do basketball modelling, and modelling in general outside of your basketball playing career?

It’s fun. Being able to incorporate two things I love at once is amazing. I like being in front of the camera and being able to express feelings or passion for something through photos. 

Photo courtesy of Lexis Valentin’s Instagram

What is it like playing with Briana Johnson, who was featured in an interview last week?

Her potential is through the roofs, a lot of people make jokes about her being lefty, her left hand is unstoppable. She is a really amazing guard, she works hard, and made our team successful. Having her as a teammate was special. 

Take us back to your signing day with LaGuardia Community College. What was that day like?

It was new, now I would have to give up my time and everything. It was hard for me to understand, it took me until November-December to figure it out. 


You played on an all-boys team. What was that experience like?

Being of a different gender, it was hard at first, we had different things on and off the court. I had to change in separate locker rooms, and the chemistry wasn’t built over night, chemistry wasn’t there till my junior year. 

We found a lip-sync video of you singing “Call Me Maybe” with your high school classmates. Is that the type of energy you bring, both on and off the court?

Lol, I love singing and music, I was in a commercial where I had to lip-sync, the idea was mine. We had a graduating class of 28 kids, so we were around them 24/7.

Meet Lexis Valentin

All rights to Andrew Fennell Photography
All rights to Andrew Fennell Photography

Dream vacation spot?   Greece 

If you could do anything you wanted right now, you pick?  Play on a NBA Team

Favorite number? 0

Favorite foods?   Pray before games

What show do you binge watch?  Glee

What others say about Lexis Valentin

“Lexis has an abundance of talent and a high basketball I.Q. She has tremendous upside if she continues to put in the work for the off-season.”

– Anthony Alfaro, Head Coach at LaGuardia CC Women’s Basketball

“She’s a great motivator and leader, always excited cheering for her teammates when things didn’t go her way or baskets were not falling for her. We have a good bond and we always tell each other “Stop thinking and Shoot it.”

– Freshman  G Briana Johnson, LaGuardia CC Women’s Basketball

Photo courtesy of Lexis Valentin's Instagram
Photo courtesy of Lexis Valentin’s Instagram


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