3rd Annual College Court Report Mascot Mayhem Challenge: Round of 32 Results

Bucky the Badger flexed his muscle in the Round of 32, eliminating UC Irvine's Peter the Anteater, who appeared in last year's Final Four.
Bucky the Badger flexed his muscle in the Round of 32, eliminating UC Irvine’s Peter the Anteater, who appeared in last year’s Final Four.

The quest to find the ‘Top Mascot in the NCAA’ is under way once again, and the third instalment of the challenge is shaping up to be the closest one yet.

With several newcomers to the challenge, it was unclear from the start as to who would assert themselves as a front-runner for the crown.

Last year’s champion, Sam the Minuteman, is looking to defend his title as the country’s top mascot. He rolled to another victory, this time taking down Brutus Buckeye to punch his ticket to the Round of 16.

Missouri State’s Boomer, who recently won the Missouri Valley Mascot Madness contest, took home the highest number of votes for the second round in a row, and has emerged as the front-runner for the title.

The contest said farewell to the first member of last year’s Final Four. UC Irvine’s Peter the Anteater fell by the wayside to Wisconsin’s Bucky the Badger.

In total, over 4,600 votes were cast over the seven days Round of 32 across Twitter, Instagram, and the Online Polls.

Scroll down to see who else has moved on to the Round of 16, and click here to see the match-ups for the round, which starts on September 19th.

Round of 32 Results

Sam the Minuteman (75.9%) def. Brutus Buckeye (24.1%)

Sparty (51.6%) def. Ace Purple (48.4%)

Pistol Pete (52.4%) def. Boomer (47.6%)

Kaboom! (51.3%) def. Sparky (48.7%)

Bucky (56.3%) def. Peter the Anteater (43.7%)

Buzz (62.9%) def. John B. Stetson (37.1%)

Butler Blue III (70.4%) def. Demon Deacon (29.6%)

The Bird (64.6%) def. Howl (35.4%)

HH3 (60.8%) def. Captain Cane (39.2%)

Super Frog (52.2%) def. Chauncey Chanticleer (47.8%)

The Billiken (67.6%) def. Monte (32.4%)

Boomer (76.7%) def. Knightro (23.3%)

Petey (68.1%) def. Joe Bruin (31.9%)

WuShock (84.9%) def. Ozzie the Osprey (15.1%)

Puddles (63.1%) def. Don (36.9%)

Billy (59.3%) def. The Leprechaun (40.7%)

– T. Bennett