Frequently Asked Questions: College Court Report Fan Voted Awards

Quinton Hooker got a ton of support from family, friends, and the North Dakota athletics department last season, en route to being named the College Court Report Player of the Year. (Source: Russell Hons – North Dakota Basketball)

CALGARY, Alta. — For the third season in a row, we turn to the fans to hand out some hardware.

Starting at the end of February, and stretching into the first week of April, the College Court Report Player and Freshman of the Year Fan Votes take place. It’d be easy for us to sit back and hand out awards on our own, but admittedly so, it’s tough for us to watch every single game each season.

We may miss something that others saw, and may not get a full 360 look at a player. So, is there anyone better than the fans to hep pick two major awards?

The answer is simple. No.

We look at every player not on the roster at a power conference school, and narrow down the field. From there, it’s up to the fans to pick the winners in a bracket-style format.

It’s a unique way for fans to show their support for their beloved student-athletes. However, it’s tough to please everyone.

Each year, we get messages and comments from fans all across the country, expressing concerns surrounding the contest and their favourite players being properly represented.

As the Owner of College Court Report, I fully respect and understand each and every comment and concern around the challenge. I personally take the time to answer each one as best as I can.

Here are some of the more common questions that I’ve received over the past couple of years in the Fan Vote contests, and some answers that I hope will provide some more insight into the thought processes surrounding the Player and Freshman of the Year awards.

Q: How do you determine the field of players?

A: We keep tabs on players as the season progresses, but don’t start to officially assemble the field until early in February. I look through every roster outside of power conference programs, and compile a list of players who could be candidates for the field. 

Then, I look at a player’s stats, their impact with the team, the team’s overall success, and various other criteria to narrow down the field. It was decided that the field would expand to 96 players in the Player of the Vote this season after it was tough to leave out so many talented players last year. 

This season, I also took to Periscope to reveal the full bracket live. This allowed for full transparency, and showed fans everywhere who was in each bracket, as opposed to just taking to Twitter and releasing it that way.

Q: Why is there only one player from each school involved?

A: First, we want to give as many schools as possible the opportunity to show their love and appreciation for their student-athletes. It’d be easy to focus on the bigger name schools and have them represented multiple times, but there are talented players all across the country who deserve much more attention than they get on a national level.

Secondly, it removes the potential for fans of one particular school to flood the votes for their players, creating a Championship pairing featuring the same school. With a greater variety, it makes things more interesting.

Q: When I cast a vote, the percentages don’t move. Did my vote register?

A: The online polls allow for one vote per day, per device. If you try to vote multiple times in the same day, it will say your vote has been recorded, but the percentages won’t move. That is due to you having already voted once that day.

On the other hand, multiple people could be voting on the same poll at the same time as you; some for one player and some for the other. The poll needs a moment to process the votes that were cast within the same couple of seconds. If it says your vote has been recorded, then please be assured that it has counted.

Q: If I have multiple people in one room all trying to vote on different devices. Even though they’re on the same IP address, will they all be recorded?

A: Yes. Each device will register one vote per day. Having the same IP address won’t impact the votes.

Q: [Insert Player Name] should be winning this match-up. The polls must be flawed?

A: Several times a day, I log in and check each and every poll myself to ensure that all is working accordingly. I have conversations with the folks at PollDaddy and WordPress to ensure that the polls are working as they should. 

As the contest moves along, the support systems grow and grow for the respective players. While the goal is to hand out a Player of the Year award, we can’t stop people from voting for their favourite players. But, rest assured that the polls are all accurate and working as they should.

The Fan Voted awards were designed as a way for fans to showcase their support. I’ve reiterated the same point multiple times, but I can’t stress it enough. The players appreciate the support they receive from fans and family members alike, much like they appreciate the hard work the players put in each time out.

I want to thank everyone for supporting them, and for continuing to support them. If anyone has any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out. I will do my best to respond to each and every one in a timely manner.

– T. Bennett