College Court Report Freshman of the Year Fan Vote: Second Round Results

For the second year in a row, Abilene Christian is out in full force to support their freshman, and Jalone Friday is one of the early front-runners in this year’s challenge.

CALGARY, Alta. — The post-season is in full swing across the NCAA.

All four post-season brackets have been released, and there are several big games on tap for this week, starting as early as Monday night with the opener in the Tournament.

Our Player of the Year and Freshman of the Year Fan Voted awards are also in full swing. Round Two in both votes concluded Sunday night, and the Third Round begins on March 13th.

Over the last seven days, last week’s victors in the Freshman of the Year Fan Vote were back at it, looking to garner more support to advance to the next round. Several of last week’s front-runners continued to roll, while the contest said goodbye to one of the top vote-getters after going up against last week’s top vote-getter.

In total, 22,932 votes were cast between the online polls, Twitter, and Facebook over the past seven days.

Below, you can find the results for the 16 match-ups from this past week.

East Region

Bryce Aiken (HARV) – 50.3%
Charlie Brown (SJU) – 49.7%

Garrett Sams (UNF) – 53.1%
Josh Ajayi (USA) – 46.9%

A.J. Lawson (UNT) – 50.8%
Nijal Pearson (TXST) – 49.2%

Miye Oni (YALE) – 63.0%
Jermaine Marrow (HAMP) – 37.0%

West Region

Ryan Daly (DEL) – 56.5%
Stevie Jordan (RID) – 43.5%

Jashaun Agosto (LIU) – 68.6%
James Scott (KSU) – 31.4%

Christian Keeling (CHSO) – 60.2%
D’Marcus Simonds (GSU) – 39.8%

Denzel Mahoney (SEMO) – 77.6%
TJ Haws (BYU) – 22.4%

South Region

Jackson Rowe (CSF) – 56.4%
Demontrae Jefferson (TXSO) – 43.6%

Jalone Friday (ACU) – 77.7%
Christian Ellis (SIUE) – 22.3%

Darrell Riley (MVSU) – 55.5%
AJ Brodeur (PENN) – 44.5%

Tarkus Ferguson (UIC) – 66.4%
Dejon Jarreau (UMASS) – 33.6%

North Region

Carson Williams (NKU) – 85.7%
Robert Kelly, Jr. (SSU) – 14.3%

De’Monte Buckingham (RICH) – 61.3%
Mikey Dixon (QUIN) – 38.7%

Mike Smith (COLU) – 63.8%
Andrew Fleming (MAIN) – 36.2%

Landry Shamet (WICH) – 55.8%
Anthony Lamb (UVM) – 44.2%

 – T. Bennett

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