College Court Report Freshman of the Year Fan Vote: Final Four Results

Carson Williams had been picking up steam with each passing round, but would he have enough support to advance to the finals of the Freshman of the Year Fan Vote?

CALGARY, Alta. — There may only be one game left in the 2016-17 college basketball season, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of reasons to come out and support your favourite players from across the country.

The College Court Report Fan Voted awards are winding down themselves, but not before crowning winners of their own.

After another week of voting, the Freshman of the Year field has now been trimmed to just two. Early on in the bracket-style tournament, front-runners were identified from each regional. This past week, the winners of each region advanced to the Final Four, and plenty of fans came out to show their support once again.

Across the three voting platforms, 28,933 votes were cast for the four student-athletes still alive in the battle for the title of Freshman of the Year.

Below are the results from the two Final Four pairings.

The Finals get underway Monday, April 3rd at approximately 1:00am EST.

Final Four

Jashaun Agosto (LIU Brooklyn) – 79.22%
Garrett Sams (North Florida) – 20.78%

A week after declaring for the 2017 NBA Draft, Agosto looked to continue his momentum in the Freshman of the Year Fan Vote. From the outset of the voting back at the end of February, Sams had been a front-runner across the entire challenge. However, one run was going to come to an end this week.

Out of the gate, Agosto took a sizable lead in the online polls, and built off that early momentum as the week progressed. Supporters of Sams made a push on both Twitter and Facebook to try and close the gap, but to no avail. The lead that Agosto’s supporters had generated in the online polls was too much to overcome.

Final Four

Carson Williams (Northern Kentucky) – 63.51%
Jalone Friday (Abilene Christian) – 36.49%

For the second year in a row, the Abilene Christian Wildcats had a player in the Final Four of the Freshman of the Year Fan Vote. After Jaylen Franklin fell short in the Finals, fans of the Wildcats were hoping for a different result for Friday this year.

However, he was up against a fellow forward who had been picking up steam over the past two weeks. Support for Carson Williams had spread to the main Twitter account for Northern Kentucky University as a whole, which led to an increased presence in the online polls. While Friday held a sizable advantage in terms of Twitter votes, Williams held more votes in the online polls and on Facebook, which led to his victory.

– T. Bennett