Fan vote tabs third annual College Court Report Freshman of the Year

Carson Williams rode a steady wave of Facebook votes to advance to the finals. Would they be enough to make him the College Court Report Freshman of the Year?

CALGARY, Alta. — Two players entered the week, but only one would come out on top.

After five weeks of voting, Jashaun Agosto and Carson Williams found themselves in the Finals of the third annual College Court Report Freshman of the Year Fan Vote. Both players have had tremendous followings since the outset of the challenge, both of whom had left their marks in different aspects.

Supporters of Williams have left their mark on social media through the first five rounds. Each week, they have amassed the most votes via Facebook, and have been right near the top in terms of Twitter votes with each passing round.

On the flip side, Agosto has been among the top vote-getters each week in terms of votes cast through the online polls. Voters had pushed him out to an early lead each week, and that has carried him into the finals.

It was a battle of different voting methods this past week, but only one player can be crowned the 2016-17 College Court Report Freshman of the Year.

The winner is……

…from the LIU Brooklyn Blackbirds, JASHAUN AGOSTO!

Out of the gate, Agosto took a sizable lead in the online polls, and while Williams held another big advantage in terms of Facebook and Twitter votes, they weren’t enough to make up the deficit.

The final tally was 71.24% – 28.76%, after over 15,000 votes were cast over the final seven days.

From the start of the challenge back at the end of February, Agosto has had a large support group of family and friends voting each and every day. For Williams, the support grew as each round passed. Support even came from Northern Kentucky’s official school Twitter account, along with a plethora of friends and family.

After rolling past his competition through the first five rounds, Williams ran into an unstoppable force in Agosto. After falling behind early, he was never able to bounce back and take a lead of his own.

During his first year in the NCAA, Agosto was a key piece in the offense for the Blackbirds. He averaged 11.2 points, 2.1 rebounds, and 3.2 assists per contest, while shooting 41.4% from the floor.

Agosto scored in double-figures on 18 occasions, and he recorded his first double-double in the Blackbirds’ loss to the Robert Morris Colonials in the Northeast Conference Tournament. He recorded 16 points and 10 assists in defeat.

Back on March 23rd, Agosto declared for the 2017 NBA Draft, but hasn’t signed with an agent, thus leaving open the possibility to return to LIU Brooklyn in 2017-18.

Here are Jashaun Agosto’s round-by-round results:

Round of 64: def. Charles Minlend (USF), 78.36% – 21.64%

Round of 32: def. James Scott (KSU), 68.58% – 31.42%

Sweet 16: def. Ryan Daly (DEL), 64.87% – 35.13%

Elite 8: def. Denzel Mahoney (SEMO), 55.11% – 44.89%

Final 4: def. Garrett Sams (UNF), 75.77% – 24.23%

Finals: def. Carson Williams (NKU), 71.24% – 28.76%

– T. Bennett