Podcast, expanded Canadian coverage among the changes at College Court Report

We are proud to be Canadian, and we want people to know that. Several changes are coming to CCR on Canada Day.

CALGARY, Alta. — Change is good, and sometimes, change is needed.

After three years, College Court Report is undergoing some much-needed changes to help provide a better sense of direction as the site continues to push forward and expand.

Being based in beautiful Calgary, Alberta, covering college basketball in the NCAA isn’t the easiest thing in the world for Canadians to do.

As we plan our expansion, and increased coverage, we want to showcase where we are from, while still providing the highest quality coverage we possibly can.

Below are the new changes that will be implemented, starting immediately. From expanded coverage across the NCAA and into Canada, to taking our opinions from print to audio, College Court Report is undoubtedly on the rise. 

Crossing Borders Basketball podcast

In August, the first episode of the Crossing Borders Basketball (CBB) podcast will drop. Three Canadians will cross the border and dive head first into the world of college basketball, a game that people all across the country have come to love.

Adding a podcast to the mix at College Court Report has been in the works for some time. After trying out some outlets online, such as Periscope, it was determined that recording a podcast would be the best way to go. We have lined up some interesting and knowledgeable guests to appear on the show, including Tony Patelis of CollegeHoopNews, Eli Boettger of Mountain West Wire, and Kevin Sweeney of CBB Central.

Follow Crossing Borders Basketball on Twitter to keep up to date with each episode as they are released.

Expanded Canadian Coverage

With the website being based in Canada, we felt that it was time to show some love for collegiate basketball north of the border, and show an increased level of appreciation for Canadian players who are suiting up in the NCAA.

When looking for inspiration for our increased focus on Canadian basketball, we looked no further than the Toronto Raptors. Their “We the North” slogan has encompassed the nation, from coast to coast. We did a play on the Raptors’ slogan, but wanted to showcase the fact that players, and our site, are from the Great White North.

As of July 1st, which just so happens to be Canada Day, the new slogan for College Court Report is simple.

“From the North.”

We want people to know that the site is from Canada, and we’re proud of it.

The hashtag #FromTheNorth will be related to all of our increased Canadian content next season. We will be adding coverage of USports and the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) as of the 2017-18 season. Along with that, profiles of Canadian players in the NCAA will also be added, and all of that content can be found on our site under the tag ‘From the North’.

Three Pillars of Content Creation

Over the past three years, there has been a lack of direction in terms of our content creation. We decided to change that, and want to focus on three key areas that will keep fans interested and coming back for more.

We used the acronym CCR to best describe what we want our content to be moving forwards.


First, we want our articles and podcasts to hold the interest of readers and listeners throughout its entirety. We want people to be interested in our work, and evoke some discussion out of the pieces on social media, or in the comments section.

Second, we want to be ourselves. We want to let our creativity run free and do things that are different than other sites. From our 351 team ultimate bracket to our fan-voted awards and Mascot Mayhem contest each year, we will continue to produce high quality content that doesn’t necessarily meet the status quo.

Lastly, we want our content to be relevant. We want to produce content that people want to read, and we want it to be closely connected with the ins and outs of the college basketball world on a daily basis.

Consistent Content Creation

One thing that has hindered the growth and expansion of College Court Report has been the inconsistencies in terms of content creation. Especially in the offseason, there have been stretches of five or six days where no fresh content has been posted.

Today, that all changes.

Each day, at least one fresh piece will be posted online for readers to dive into. Whether it’s a player transfer piece, a game recap, or an opinion piece, something new will be posted each and every day.

Social Media Interaction

Another area that has hindered the growth of the site has been a lack of social media interaction with followers and other college basketball personnel.

Across both Twitter and Instagram, we will become much more engaged with other college basketball fanatics across the world as we look to share our love for the game with everyone else who shares the same passion.

From creating polls and engaging in Q&As, to highlighting individual and team performances throughout the regular season, our social media game is about to step up to a new level.

Be sure to follow us on social media to join in on the discussions:

Twitter: @CC_Report
Facebook: College Court Report
Instagram: College Court Report

Increased Coverage of all Programs Across the NCAA

Simply put: we want to become the go-to stop for college basketball fans for all of their news across the country. To do that, we would need to cover each and every program.

That’s the goal.

We want to add a writer for each and every program across the country, and while that may seem like a tall order, we feel as if we have the right mindset and platform to do it.

While College Court Report is a growing brand, it’s more about the development of our writers at this point. As we progress and continue to grow, we want our writers to grow alongside us, which is why we are turning our focus to students at each institution to join our team.

As a student, it’s sometimes hard to get first-hand experience in a particular environment. So, we thought, why not pitch our site to programs and have students cover their own basketball team? They are already on campus, and chances are many of them already go to the games. So, it’s a win-win across the board.

We can help students develop their writing techniques, and give them an outlet to put their lessons into practice, while also getting the experience of being a part of the media in the sport industry.

If you are a student in Sport Administration, Media, Journalism, or a related program, and you want to cover your school’s basketball team for the 2017-18 season, let us know! We’d love to have you join our ever-growing team of passionate writers.

Here are the team(s) are current team of writers are covering for next season:

T. Bennett: Lamar CardinalsMaryland-Eastern Shore HawksNorth Dakota Fighting HawksBethune-Cookman Wildcats, and Michigan State Spartans

R. Scarfone: Notre Dame Fighting Irish and either the Canisius Golden Griffins or Niagara Purple Eagles

N. Wright: Undecided

T. Zust: Hawai’i Warriors

P. Wesner: Missouri Valley Conference

M. Roitman: Ivy League


You’ll want to see what this entails. Coming soon!

Do you have any other suggestions as to how we can improve our site? Let us know! We are always open to feedback as we look to provide the best coverage we possibly can.

– T. Bennett

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