4th Annual #CCRMascotMayhem Challenge: Round of 64 Results

In the Round of 64, WuShock took home the highest number of votes out of the entire field, and established himself as one of the top contenders in the 4th Annual #CCRMascotMayhem Challenge.

CANMORE, Alta. — The 2017-18 season kicks off next month, as we are 40 days away from opening day on November 10th.

The excitement is starting to build, both on and off the court, for teams all across the country. Here at College Court Report, we try to drive school spirit across the nation in advance of each season, by virtue of our Mascot Mayhem Challenge.

As of late Sunday night, the field has been cut in half, with 32 mascots advancing to the Round of 32 after a week of voting. There were several surprises across the board, while a few mascots emerged as front-runners for this year’s crown.

Scroll down to see some highlights from the Round of 64, plus the full list of results at the bottom of the page.

Highlights from the Round of 64

WuShock brings in most votes in round

Over the years, it’s become clear that fans of the Wichita State Shockers will flock to show their pride for their school, and that means voting for their beloved mascot, WuShock.

A mainstay in the College Court Report Mascot Mayhem field since the challenge’s inception back in 2014-15, WuShock is once again off to a hot start. Over the past seven days, he amassed the most votes out of any mascot in the entire field. That also led him to a sizable win over Victor E. Viking.

Expect WuShock to be around for quite some time, as he gets on the campaign trail over the next week to spread the word.

The 2015-16 Champion has fallen

Back in the second edition of the challenge, in advance of the 2015-16 season, fans of the Massachusetts Minutemen propelled Sam the Minuteman to the Mascot Mayhem crown. Then, last season, he advanced to the Final Four.

Fast forward to the fourth edition of the challenge, and Sam the Minuteman has been eliminated in the opening round. Monte, who made a deep run in the inaugural challenge, slipped by Sam and put the Montana Grizzlies into the next round.

If Monte can gain the support he had back in 2014-15, then he is in a position to make a deep run at the title of ‘Best Mascot in the NCAA.’

Full Results

East Region

Boomer (Missouri State) – 69.46%
YoUDee (Delaware) – 30.54%

Chauncey Chanticeer (Coastal Carolina) – 70.51%
Don (Fort Wayne) – 29.49%

Jack (South Dakota State) – 61.15%
Emmit S. Burg (Mount St. Mary’s) – 38.85%

Izzy the Islander (Texas A&M-CC) – 62.09%
John B. Stetson (Stetson) – 37.91%

Goldy Gopher (Minnesota) – 61.21%
Peter the Anteater (UC Irvine) – 38.79%

Durango (Omaha) – 55.48%
Mario the Magnificent (Drexel) – 44.52%

Ozzie the Osprey (North Florida) – 60.84%
Blaze (UAB) – 39.16%

Scrappy the Owl (Kennesaw State) – 66.67%
Rameses (North Carolina) – 33.33%

West Region

Butler Blue III (Butler) – 72.86%
Elwood Lancer (Longwood) – 27.14%

Testudo (Maryland) – 52.67%
Damien (Albany) – 47.33%

Sebastian the Ibis (Miami (FL)) – 63.70%
Monte (Niagara) – 36.30%

Wally Pilot (Portland) – 57.02%
The Governor (Austin Peay) – 42.98%

Bucky Badger (Wisconsin) – 65.67%
Rodney (VCU) – 34.33%

HH3 (Maryland-Eastern Shore) – 52.15%
Super Frog (TCU) – 47.85%

WuShock (Wichita State) – 91.83%
Victor E. Viking (Northern Kentucky) – 8.17%

Cayenne (Louisiana) – 64.96%
Ole! (UC Santa Barbara) – 35.04%

North Region

Monte (Montana) – 56.20%
Sam the Minuteman (Massachusetts) – 43.80%

The Bird (Air Force) – 65.57%
Shadow (Monmouth) – 34.43%

Bill (Navy) – 62.41%
Willie the Wave (Pepperdine) – 37.59%

Magnus (Cleveland State) – 53.21%
Norm (Charlotte) – 46.79%

Big Red (Western Kentucky) – 67.21%
Big Al (Alabama) – 32.79%

Puddles (Oregon) – 57.26%
Ace (Louisiana-Monroe) – 42.74%

Sparty (Michigan State) – 67.97%
Bernie (Siena) – 32.03%

Too-Fly (Delaware State) – 58.56%
Rhett (Boston Univ.) – 41.44%

South Region

Petey Griffin (Canisius) – 85.77%
Aubie (Auburn) – 14.23%

Benny Beaver (Oregon State) – 60.91%
Sparky (UIC) – 39.09%

Knightro (UCF) – 53.28%
The Billiken (Saint Louis) – 46.72%

Victor E. Bull (Buffalo) – 52.21%
Rudy Flyer (Dayton) – 47.79%

Scrappy (Chattanooga) – 57.63%
Ralphie (Colorado) – 42.37%

Lucas the Stag (Fairfield) – 63.57%
Handsome Dan (Yale) – 36.43%

Sammy C. Hawk (UNC Wilmington) – 56.07%
Gaylord (Campbell) – 43.93%

Kaboom! (Bradley) – 56.73%
Howl (Arkansas State) – 43.27%

The Round of 32 in the 4th Annual College Court Report Mascot Mayhem Challenge gets underway on Monday, October 2nd, and runs through to October 8th.

Be sure to vote all week to send your favourite mascot(s) into the Sweet 16!

– T. Bennett