Chasing History: Isaiah Tripp’s journey to making history, both on and off the court

Senior guard Isaiah Tripp is chasing history in 2017-18, both on and off the court at Abilene Christian. (Source: Abilene-Reporter News) (Header: Abilene Christian Athletics)

ABILENE, Tex. — It all comes down to balance.

Isaiah Tripp, a senior guard with the Abilene Christian Wildcats, has a busy day-to-day schedule. From attending class to studying for midterms, to having a young family at home and an internship, Tripp is being pulled several different ways.

Then, when you add in the fact that he’s a Division I basketball player and records and edits his own videos for his own YouTube channel, finding that perfect balance is essential for his success and sanity.

“Balance comes with preparation and scheduling,” said Tripp, in a recent interview with College Court Report. “Nowadays I have to make a schedule and stick to it verbatim. I have to take days off from Tripp Talk at times, I have to study on the weekend at times, and I have to drop everything including my phone and be with my family at times”

Even through his busy schedule, Tripp always knows where to find the strength to keep pushing through.

“I have to always leave time in my busy schedule for God, because that’s where I get my strength from,” continued Tripp. “It honestly gets tough trying to balance school, basketball, a job at KACU, an internship, Tripp Talk and family life but through him, I’m getting through all of that.’

Out of high school, Tripp opted to attend Abilene Christian over a slew of other offers for four main reasons: the school’s Christian background, the multimedia program, the opportunity to be an impact player for the Wildcats right away, and to have the opportunity to write his own history with the team and his teammates.

Heading into the 2017-18 season, Tripp and company have the chance to do just that. The Wildcats are eligible for the NCAA Tournament for the first time in school history, and there’s a buzz around the program heading into the year.

“We could be the first ever Men’s Basketball team in ACU history to not only make it to the NCAA tournament, but win it,” said Tripp. “That’s the opportunity that’s in front of us right now.”

The Southland Conference held their annual Social Media Day on October 16th, and the Wildcats were picked to finish seventh in the conference, which is smack in the middle of the 13 teams that make up the Southland Conference.

When asked to describe this year’s team in one word, Tripp wasted little time with his answer.


When it comes to predictions outside of the locker room? The Wildcats don’t let those opinions affect their day-to-day routine.

“Expectations from people outside of the program are not a factor for us ,” said Tripp. “We as a team set expectations for ourselves, and we know that to get to where we want to go, we have to listen to no other voices than that of our coach, and each other.”

The Wildcats return their fair share of talent this season, including the last two Southland Conference Freshman of the Year award winners, in junior guard Jaylen Franklin and sophomore forward Jalone Friday. Add in Jaren Lewis, and the Wildcats can turn a few heads this season as they chase history and look to make the NCAA Tournament in Abilene Christian’s first year of eligibility.

“The coaches are excited about it and I know myself and the guys are excited about it,” continued Tripp. “Opportunities like this are what I mean by writing our own history!”

On the hardwood, Tripp and the Wildcats have a perfect opportunity to put their names into the history books at Abilene Christian. All the while, Tripp is working behind the scenes, and occasionally in front of the camera, to make his own history in another industry.

Tripp Talk provides fans and followers alike with a different look into the life of a Division I athlete, through the lens of Isaiah Tripp. (Source: Tripp Talk on Twitter)

The JMC (Journalism Mass Communication Multi-Media) major has started his own YouTube channel, entitled Tripp Talk, as a way for him to gain valuable experience in his field. Tripp is able to put into practice the techniques he learns through his course work, while providing viewers an unique perspective surrounding the life of a Division I athlete.

“The idea simply stemmed from another goal of mine in life,” said Tripp, when asked how the idea came to light. “Not only was playing D1 sports and then going on to play professionally one of my dreams, but having my own talk show among the likes of Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Queen Latifah and others is also a big dream of mine.”

While he is well on his way to achieving both of his life goals. Tripp has learned first-hand that it’s tough to start a YouTube channel and get it off the ground right away. But, the toughest part has been to get people to buy into what he is doing.

“There have been a few difficult hurdles but the main one I would say is getting people to believe and buy into my vision, thoughts and or concepts in regard to the way I see life,” said Tripp.

“At Tripp Talk, we strive to provide a voice to those people in the world that deserve it, but don’t necessarily have the resources. Martin is not the only funny person in the world, Colin Kaepernick is not the only one in the world fighting for equality, the Golden state warriors winning a championship is not the only positive thing going on in the world,” continued Tripp. “So Tripp Talk, in its vision, strives to give a voice to those people.”

While the vision has a serious tone to it, Tripp also likes to have a little bit of fun with his channel. It appears that nobody is safe when it comes to Tripp and his camera, especially his teammates.

“I laugh everyday at my team mates,” added Tripp. “I see people accomplish things on my Campus everyday, and I see many people around me fighting for equality amongst other things.”

From interviews with Chris Daughtery, author of From Boys to Gentlemen, to a seven day vlog that chronicled his every day life and the grind he endures each day, Tripp has made a variety of videos that are sure to please everyone.

He even put together this five-minute montage of the Wildcats’ 2016-17 season, which will get you pumped up for the 2017-18 campaign.

In the future, Tripp has a lot of things planned for Tripp Talk, as his channel continues to grow and he works towards the goal of hosting his own talk show on live television.

What are those plans, you ask? You’ll have to wait and see.

“I could go on and on about the ideas and opportunities that Tripp Talk has to offer in the near future but it would be more beneficial to me and you if you all just tune it and find out for yourself,” said Tripp, adding the element of surprise to his future plans. “Expect quality, fun, entertainment and knowledge to be provided throughout all episodes.”

What we can tell you, however, is that clicking the red ‘subscribe’ button on his channel is more than worth your time. As was said earlier, Tripp’s videos provide a different perspective into the life of a Division I athlete. The seven day vlog, in particular, showcases his work with the basketball team, his family life, and his work in the classroom and with Tripp Talk.

So, how does a young man from Baltimore, Maryland balance having a family, an internship, and a part-time job, all while being a Division I basketball player, going to class, and running his own YouTube channel? It all comes down to one facet of life that Tripp seems to have a pretty good grip on as he chases history in 2017-18.


– T. Bennett

Here’s how you can follow Isaiah Tripp and Tripp Talk:

Twitter: Isaiah Tripp / Tripp Talk

YouTube: Tripp Talk Show

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