Towson, Bucknell set to Take Part in Disaster Relief Exhibition Game on October 28th

On Saturday, October 28th, the host Towson Tigers and the Bucknell Bison will take to the court inside SECU Arena for an exhibition game to raise funds for disaster relief efforts. (Source: PressBox Baltimore)

TOWSON, Md. — Teams from across the entire NCAA have come together to help raise funds and awareness for disaster relief efforts all across North America and the World.

The NCAA has granted a plethora of waivers that are allowing teams to take part in a third exhibition game in advance of the 2017-18 season. While they provide teams with an extra tune-up game for the season, they are also using them to help those in need.

On Friday, two more talented programs announced that they were taking part in an exhibition game to raise funds for the Salvation Army Disaster Relief Fund.

The Towson Tigers will play host to the Bucknell Bison on Saturday, October 28th inside SECU Arena.

Tip-off has been set for 1pm.

Towson took to Twitter late Friday night to announce the news of the exhibition.

In lieu of admission, fans are being asked to make a donation of $5 to watch the game live. The athletics department and the Towson University Student Government Association have teamed to to collect donations for the aforementioned Salvation Army Disaster Relief Fund.

With hurricanes, wildfires, and other disasters wreaking havoc on different parts of the world over the summer months, it’s heartwarming to see more and more programs coming together to show their support and help relief efforts in any way they can.

Many have been skeptical of the six-week time frame between the start of official practices and the start of the regular season, saying it’s too long of a break in between. Adding a third exhibition game for teams gives them another chance to get ready for the season, while providing them with a great platform to help those in need.

With both Towson and Bucknell expected to be a top team in their respective conferences, the game will provide a strong test for both teams as they gear up for the 2017-18 season while also contributing to a worthy cause.

Over the coming days, the list of programs getting involved to help raise funds and awareness will surely grow.

Kudos to Towson and Bucknell for coming together to help. If you can attend, please do! Even a little bit goes a long way in aiding the relief efforts around the world.

– T. Bennett