Hallowed Grounds: Timmons Arena

Furman Paladins

The year 1998 was a big year in the sporting world.

Kentucky won the NCAA Championship with a 78 – 69 victory over Utah.

The Chicago Bulls won their third straight NBA Championship in a lockout-shortened season to complete their second three-peat in the decade.

It marked the first year that NHL players participated in the Olympics, and the first year that women’s hockey was in the Olympics.

Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa both took aim at Roger Maris’ home run record of 61 in a season. Both would go onto top that mark, with McGwire hitting 70 home runs and Sosa hitting 66.

Also that year, the Furman Paladins opened the Timmons Arena in Greensville, SC. The new facility put the men’s and women’s basketball teams back on campus, and what a great move it was for the program and the school as a whole. Continue reading Hallowed Grounds: Timmons Arena

Hallowed Grounds: Benjamin Johnson Arena

Wofford Terriers

The year 1981 was a good year in terms of sports. Some of today’s best athletes were born in 1981.

Roger Federer, Troy Polamalu, Hope Solo, Iker Casillas, Serena Williams, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Eli Manning, Joe Johnson and Carlos Boozer are just a handful of the professional athletes who were born in 1981.

Also in 1981, the Wofford Terriers started to call a new building home for their men’s and women’s basketball and volleyball teams. The Benjamin Johnson Arena was opened in 1981, and is still the home to these teams today.

It’s a common thought in the sporting world that once you pass the 30 year mark, you are passed your prime and it’s a slow decline from then on out. In terms of the Benjamin Johnson Arena, the facility is still in great shape and is one that people need to check out.  Continue reading Hallowed Grounds: Benjamin Johnson Arena

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