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agosto, jashaun
Jashaun Agosto rolled through the competition last season, en route to being named the College Court Report Freshman of the Year for 2016-17. (Source: Brooklyn Daily)

Who else is better suited to hand out some hardware than the fans who actually watch the games?


The 4th Annual CCR Mid-Major Freshman of the Year Fan Vote is back, and we have assembled 64 of the top freshmen in the country who played for programs outside of the power conferences. We have thrown the names into a hat (literally), and picked them out one-by-one to assemble four “regions” of 16 players each.

We went through each and every team’s roster to decide who would be in the field. Note: redshirt freshmen are still eligible for the fan vote.

The field and bracket will be released Tuesday, February 20th on Twitter throughout the day.

There is only one (1) representative from any given school in the vote.

As each round passes, players will go head-to-head in an online vote to ultimately determine who is the top freshman in the land.

The rules are simple. Each round will be one week in length, starting with the first round on February 26th. (Full schedule below).

Voting methods have changed a bit from last season. Fans can use the following methods to cast a vote for their favourite player(s):

  • Online Polls – 1 vote per day
  • Facebook Photos
    • At the start of each round, an album will be created on the College Court Report Facebook page with a photo of each player still active in the challenge. A LIKE on the photo will count as one vote for that player.

Voting will open at approx. 12:00am EST on the Monday of the week for the online polls, and roughly 6:00pm EST for the photos on Facebook. All voting will close at approx. 8pm EST on the Sunday at the end of the week. This allows for accurate vote tabulation and for the set up of the next round.

In the Finals, we hide percentages in the online polls to create a bit of suspense, but will release updates throughout to show who is leading at that time.

Voting Schedule

Round of 64: Feb. 26 – Mar. 4 – CLOSED!!!

Round of 32: Mar. 5 – 11 – CLOSED!!!

Sweet 16: Mar. 12 – 18 – CLOSED!!!

Elite Eight: Mar. 19 – 25 – CLOSED!!!

Final Four: Mar. 26 – Apr. 1 – CLOSED!!!

Championship: Apr. 2 – 8 – CLOSED!!!

Championship Pairing

Trip Day (North Florida) v. Colbey Ross (Pepperdine)

East Region Winner: Jacoby Ross, Alabama State (Bracket)

West Region Winner: Trip Day, North Florida (Bracket

South Region Winner: Ja Morant, Murray State (Bracket

North Region Winner: Colbey Ross, Pepperdine (Bracket)

99 thoughts on “College Court Report Freshman of the Year”

  1. SMH… How in the world did Fletcher win when Jaylen been ahead all weekend? Not to mention the fact that as of 1p.m. yesterday (4-10-16) jaylen was clearly ahead of him on Twitter & online voting? I refuse to believe Fletcher won! You need to regroup, recount, & record the correct outcome because that is just unbelievable… SMH.


    1. I counted all of the Twitter votes from the past seven days last night and this morning. Yesterday afternoon, Fletcher’s fans made a big push on social media that put him ahead of Jaylen. Over the week, Franklin had a lead in the polls over Magee but Fletcher’s edge in social media was wider than his deficit in the polls, leading to the win. I counted the votes three times to ensure accuracy.


  2. How could Magee win, when as of 4/9/16 Franklin was leading all the way around? His percentage was higher, & he was leading in online polls. There’s no way Magee had a “big push over the weekend.” #TeamJ.Frank demands a recount!!


  3. so what we see on here with Franklin leading is the actual poll?
    this is the official place to see who is leading?


    1. Franklin leads in terms of votes through the online poll. There is no way for us to add in the social media votes, which is why we post the combined percentages above the poll each morning.


  4. Hi tyvone,
    I’m curious to know dose Twitter votes out weight via phone votes? Because on one hand Franklin is ahead in polls via phone votes, but on the other hand Fletcher is ahead in polls on Twitter votes. However Fletcher is still considered to be winning…Dose via phone votes not have the same effect as Twitter votes? It seems as if Twitter votes are the only ones that matters.


    1. I’m not entirely sure what you mean by “phone votes”, assuming you mean the online polls? The votes all weigh the same, and a tweet or a retweet is the same as 1 vote in the online poll. The combination of the two make up each player’s total, and although Jaylen has the edge in the online polls, Fletcher has the edge in social media. The margin of social votes for Fletcher has allowed him to overcome falling behind on the online polls and take a slight lead when all votes are combined.

      Tyler Bennett
      Owner, College Court Report


      1. Thanks for clearing that up for me and others who may also wanted a better understanding…


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