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Quinton Hooker was named the College Court Report Player of the Year last season, and will be looking for fan support to make him the two-time winner. (Source: Russell Hons - North Dakota Basketball)
Quinton Hooker was named the College Court Report Player of the Year in each of the last two seasons. With Hooker having graduated, there will be a new winner in 2017-18. (Source: Russell Hons – North Dakota Basketball)

Who else is better qualified to hand out some hardware than the fans who actually watch the games?


The 4th Annual College Court Report Player of the Year Fan Vote is back, and we have the top players in the country who played for mid-major programs. We have thrown the names into a hat (literally), and picked them out one-by-one to assemble four “regions”.

Like last year, the field will include 96 of the best players in the country who play outside of the power conferences. So, that means 96 players from 96 different programs will be looking for your vote to become the College Court Report Player of the Year.

Each ‘region’ will have 24 players in it. Eight players will receive a first-round bye, and are players who we consider to be among the nation’s elite.

Also, each ‘region’ will be named after a player who was inducted into the College Basketball Hall of Fame in 2017.

Note, the players in this Fan Vote are either a Sophomore, Junior, Senior, or Graduate Transfer. For the Freshman of the Year Fan Vote, please click here.

Players in the contest have played in at least 70% of their team’s games by the time the field is released (February 19th, 2017).

As stated above, there is only one (1) representative from any given school in the vote.

As each round passes, players will go head-to-head in an online vote to ultimately determine who is the Player of the Year.

The rules are simple. Each round will be one week in length, starting with the first round on February 26th. (Full schedule below).

Voting has changes a bit from last year. Fans can vote using the following methods:

  • Online Polls – 1 vote per day
  • Facebook Photos
    • At the start of each round, an album will be created on the College Court Report page with photos of each player still remaining. Each reaction (LIKE, LOVE, etc.) on a respective player’s photo will count as one vote for that round.

Voting will open at 12:00am EST on the Monday of the week for the online polls, and roughly 6:00pm EST for Facebook photos. All voting will close at approx. 8pm EST on the Sunday at the end of the week. This allows for accurate vote tabulation and for the set up of the next round.

In the Final Round, we will hide all poll results, but will post updates throughout the week on social media to provide some insight as to where the match-up stands. This is meant to create a bit of suspense in the final round.

Voting Schedule

First Round: Feb. 26 – Mar. 4 – CLOSED!!! (Results)

Round of 64: Mar. 5 – 11 – CLOSED!!!

Round of 32: Mar. 12 – 18 – CLOSED!!!

Sweet 16: Mar. 19 – 25 – CLOSED!!!

Elite 8: Mar. 26 – Apr. 1 – CLOSED!!!

Final 4: Apr. 2 – 8 – CLOSED!!!

Championship: April 9 – 15 – CLOSED!!!

Championship Pairing

Geno Crandall (North Dakota) v. Justin Strings (Sacramento State)

The Winner will be announced on Monday, April 16th at 8:00am EST!

Tim Duncan Region Winner: Geno Crandall, North Dakota (Bracket)

John Stockton Region Winner: Jonathan Stark, Murray State (Bracket)

Jay Williams Region Winner: Justin Strings, Sacramento State (Bracket)

Paul Silas Region Winner: Joe Rosga, Denver (Bracket)

28 thoughts on “College Court Report Player of the Year”

  1. How do you guys count the tweets and retweets? I see more than a 30 to 1 vote in favor of Quinton but how does his lead keep dropping with odds that heavily favoring him?


  2. We can agree to disagree. I know what I see, and when you play with a team who is worried about how they are going to make it to the next level, instead of trying to win, then I call it ‘selfish haters”.


  3. This is a joke of a final vote to determine the winner… I know hundreds of people are voting for Quinton and the percentage still says he is losing 80% to 20%?! Figure out what is wrong or give the award to both of these two.


    1. This is just Wednesday’s poll. Unfortunately we cannot combine the polls from Monday or Tuesday plus the Twitter votes. This is why we update the standings each morning above the poll and on Twitter.


  4. How is it that I see 100’s of votes daily for Quinton but his percentage keeps going down in this final round? Either something is wrong with the voting system or our votes are not being counted.


  5. As long as the contest remains fair, you can’t ask for more than that. However, it needs to REMAIN fair….I have not been able to vote in this contest as of yet….no way should it say that it’s counted my vote, because I haven’t made one!


  6. It’s a shame to win by “beating” the system rather than ACTUAL FAN VOTES…just hurts the players & fans!


    1. UND fans have been consistently voting throughout the challenge.

      However, I have taken all of the comments, both good and bad, into consideration and will be looking into changes for next season and beyond. As the sole owner of the website, it is extremely tough for one person to monitor every little detail. I have done the best that I can to do so, and I still feel that the contest has been fair from the outset for all parties involved. Thank you for the feedback and your continued support of the challenge.


      1. RAGIN CAJUN fans were PHENOMENAL VOTING…social media…all voting polls!!!
        I’m glad they’re keeping closer tabs on the votes & appreciate the nomination for our Big man SHAWN LONG since he’s one of the BEST IN THE COUNTRY:)
        Proud of the awesome Mid-Major programs across the country👍🏼👍🏼🏀 #GEAUXCAJUNS!!!


  7. To My Nephew Damon, invited voted for you LiL’ G, keep doing big things and let the Lord Bless you!




    1. Hard to beat whatever party is block voting every PM @ 4 for Hooker. They figured out clear your history and keep voting. It’s obvious, because I did it. It takes 1 vote to move the poll one hundredth. So the poll moved almost 3 to 4 points in a few hours? I know, it’s not scientific. Hooker’s buds are busy. Oh I forgot, Mr. Long will be playing this weekend in Houston.


  9. Something is wrong with the votes for Shawn Long! Everyone is voting & %is going down?! What’s up with that???


  10. Vote SHAWN LONG!!! He has over 70 DOUBLE DOUBLES in his career! He does it all! Making HISTORY 🎉🎉🎉 pan am team! Nike skills!


  11. If Idaho st’s (pg)EthanTelfair
    played w/any power confrence team he’d avrg
    28pts 10ast 4rb 3stl
    #hands down!


      1. Love Damon but can’t agree with your comments about the team. I know many of them and they are fine young men and excellent ballplayers.


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