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Four Players Who Will Look to Turn Heads at the 2018 NBA Draft Combine

Battle, Tyus
After leading Syracuse to the Sweet 16 in the 2018 NCAA Tournament, guard Tyus Battle will look to turn heads at the 2018 NBA Draft Combine. (Source: Sports Illustrated)

CHICAGO — Two days in the middle of May can go a long way in making or breaking the NBA dream for several players across the NCAA.

The 2018 NBA Draft Combine will take place in the Windy City on May 16th and 17th, and 69 of the top prospects from around the NCAA have been selected to attend. It gives players from all levels of college basketball the chance to showcase their skills for NBA scouts, general managers, and executives alike from all 30 teams in the league.

In terms of the top spots in the draft, it’s no secret as to who the top prospects are in this year’s field.

Sports Betting Dime says that the battle to be the no. 1 overall pick in the 2018 NBA Draft has, realistically, been whittled to three names: center DeAndre Ayton of the Arizona Wildcats, power forward Marvin Bagley of the Duke Blue Devils, and Slovenian guard Luka Doncic.

While Ayton is the favorite to go first overall, it will depend which team wins the draft lottery. Phoenix has the best odds and, with Devin Booker in place in the backcourt, has a greater need for a skilled big. However, if Memphis lands the top pick, Doncic may hear his name called first. It’s not that the Grizzlies don’t need a dynamic center like Ayton, they just also desperately need better guard play. You could say similar things about both the Magic and Hawks.

As things stand, Ayton is the favorite to be selected with the top pick (1/2), followed by Doncic (4/1) and Bagley (7/1).

At the combine, you won’t see Ayton or Doncic among the 69 players in attendance. Instead, you’ll see several guys who are considered fringe selections, and they’ll be looking to put forth impressive showing to help improve their draft stock come June’s draft.

Here are four names to keep an eye on over the two-day combine in Chicago. Continue reading Four Players Who Will Look to Turn Heads at the 2018 NBA Draft Combine

Donte DiVincenzo Declares for the 2018 NBA Draft Without an Agent

Michigan v Villanova
Donte DiVincenzo (middle) went for 31 points, on 10-of-15 shooting, to lead Villanova past Michigan to become the 2018 National Champions. (Source: The Denver Post) (Header: SB Nation)

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. — If you don’t know who Donte DiVincenzo is by now, you need to change your priorities during March Madness.

During the 2018 National Championship game, DiVIncenzo burst onto the scene with an incredible performance against the Michigan Wolverines. While many hardcore fans knew he was talented before the title game, his performance in San Antonio, TX cemented his place among the top players in all of college basketball.

DiVincenzo went for 31 points in the title game, on 10-of-15 shooting from the floor and 5-of-7 from three point range. He added in five rebounds, three assists and a pair of blocks to complete the all-round performance.

The redshirt sophomore showed up on the biggest stage of them all in the college basketball world, and now he’s ready to get feedback from top executives and coaches in the NBA.

On Thursday, the 6’5” guard declared for the 2018 NBA Draft without an agent, thus allowing him to return to Villanova for the 2018-19 season. Continue reading Donte DiVincenzo Declares for the 2018 NBA Draft Without an Agent

Miles Bridges Declares for the 2018 NBA Draft

Bridges, Miles (3)
After two seasons in East Lansing, Michigan State forward Miles Bridges has officially declared for the 2018 NBA Draft and has signed with an agent.

EAST LANSING, Mich. — The decision may have come a year later than most had expected, but Miles Bridges is heading to the NBA Draft.

Following two seasons with the Michigan State Spartans, the former five-star recruit from Flint, MI officially declared for the 2018 NBA Draft. He announced his decision via Twitter, indicating that he was signing with an agent, foregoing his remaining two years of eligibility in the NCAA.

Bridges was expected to be a top pick in the 2017 NBA Draft, but he shocked everyone when he opted to return to East Lansing for a second season with the Spartans. Now, following another exit in the Round of 32 in the NCAA Tournament, Bridges is ready to take his game to the next level. Continue reading Miles Bridges Declares for the 2018 NBA Draft

2017 NBA Draft: Beachem and Vasturia go Undrafted

VJ Beachem #3

The 2017 NBA draft took place yesterday, and a record 16 freshman were taken in the first round and two in the second; some of which were players Notre Dame’s V.J. Beachem and Steve Vasturia played against.

The remaining picks in the draft were a variety of upperclassmen, all of which were not Beachem and Vasturia.

Notre Dame has not been a program like the Kentucky Wildcats or the Duke Blue Devils who some call NBA development factories as they consistently send players to the draft year after year. The Irish have always been opposed to recruiting the one and done talent as it does not align with their vision.

However, Notre Dame Head Coach Mike Brey is starting to change that, sending four players to the NBA in the last two years and now V.J. Beachem who is expected to sign with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Multiple reports have indicated that the Minnesota Timberwolves will be signing Beachem but there has still been no word on any teams picking up Steve Vasturia.

vs Georgia Tech #2

The Timberwolves stole headlines yesterday as they sent Kris Dunn and Zach LaVine to the Chicago Bulls, adding superstar Jimmy Butler in the process to their young roster of Karl-Anthony Towns and Canadian Andrew Wiggins.

V.J. will need to have a big summer league performance and refrain from playing inconsistent if he wants to prove he belongs in Minnesota.

While the Notre Dame fan base would have loved to see the Irish better represented in last nights draft, the future is looking bright. Mike Brey is transforming Notre Dame into a legitimate basketball school that contends with top ranked opponents and that is starting to garner interest from highly regarded recruits. With improved recruiting, player development, and the success that the overall team is experiencing, expect Brey to send more players to the draft in the coming years.

Stay tuned for more news regarding everything Notre Dame basketball as well as the results of former Notre Dame players in the summer league.

-R. Scarfone



Steve Vasturia and VJ Beachem: Are They Ready For The Big Leagues?

VJ and Vasturia #2

The 2017 NBA Draft is set to take place Thursday night and two former Notre Dame Fighting Irish standout will look to either hear their name be called out or to sign with a club following the draft.

But if you were to look up some NBA mock drafts, you will find that majority of these predictions leave Steve Vasturia and VJ Beachem out of the draft.

It may be shocking to see these two names off of NBA mock draft lists considering they helped lead Notre Dame to their first conference championship in program history, back to back elite eights, 12 conference wins in 2016 in what some may say is the most challenging conference in the nation and another trip to the ACC conference final.

Vasturia and Beachem even held their own against top prospects like North Carolina’s Justin Jackson, Duke Blue Devil’s Luke Kennard and Florida State Seminoles’ Jonathan Isaac.

So what is the problem then?

Continue reading Steve Vasturia and VJ Beachem: Are They Ready For The Big Leagues?

LIU Brooklyn freshman Jashaun Agosto declares for the 2017 NBA Draft

LIU Brooklyn freshman Jashaun Agosto officially declared for the 2017 NBA Draft on Thursday afternoon.

BROOKLYN, NY — It’s been a busy week in terms of players declaring for the 2017 NBA Draft, and it’s only Thursday.

There have been some surprises, like Robert Williams announcing that he was returning to school for at least one more season with the Texas A&M Aggies. Then, there were some decisions that were expected, like Markelle Fultz and Tyler Lydon.

The list has been filling up, and you can add another big time name to the list of players.

On Thursday afternoon, freshman guard Jashaun Agosto informed College Court Report that he had officially declared for the 2017 NBA Draft. Continue reading LIU Brooklyn freshman Jashaun Agosto declares for the 2017 NBA Draft