On the Brink: New Opportunities Open for Guard Troy Harper

The late American writer F. Scott Fitzgerald once said, “our lives are defined by opportunities.”

In the college basketball world, Fitzgerald’s words live on in the lives of players on a regular basis, as an increasing number of players are looking for the right opportunities to better their lives down the road. More and more players are transferring in the off-season, looking for the right opportunity that will set them up for success.

The Campbell Fighting Camels were hit with news that junior guard Troy Harper had announced his intentions to transfer.

We caught up with Harper to get to know more about the guard and his journey towards a better opportunity in basketball. Harper talks about his college career to this point and what opportunities lie next for him in the game of basketball. He also reflects back on how he got into basketball, and like most kids growing up, family was a big reason why.

Harper has a ton of talent at his disposal, and there will be plenty of opportunities to take his game to the next level. He is ‘On the Brink’ of greatness in his world, but he puts himself second to others in his family, which makes his future that much brighter.

As a freshman, he averaged 6.7 points and 1.1 rebounds per game while shooting 34.8% from the field and 36.8% from three point range.

Harper’s season was marked by high scoring performances against the Samford Bulldogs (18 points), the Charleston Southern Buccaneers (18 points), and the Longwood Lancers (17 points).

In games Harper scored double-double points, he averaged 45.3% shooting from the field, averaging   points. Harper, would finish the season making 25 three pointers, while averaging 17.1 minutes per game.

Harper took his freshman year success and improved his offensive game during this season. This past year, Harper averaged 13.5 points, 3.3 rebounds, and 1.4 assists per game while shooting 36.8% from the field and 76.8% from the free throw line in 27.8 minutes per game.

Who has had the biggest basketball influence on you in your life?

My dad, just as a kid taking me to the park and letting me shoot while he catches my rebounds and shooting  with me. As I got older he would give me drills to do to help me with my game. 

Who, outside of sports, do you draw inspiration from?

My family, that’s who I play for, that is all the motivation I need. I play to try to help get them into a better situation.

You played your high school days at Neumann-Goretti. What was that like?

It was very fun, it’s always family, alumni always came back and practices with us while we was there and came to games. As far as playing we played really good teams every year. So practices we competed a lot and it was always competitive. Just playing there was incredible. 


Who were some of the alumni who came back to practice with you and the team during your career?

Scoop Jardine, Rick Jackson, Tyreke Duran, Tony Chennault, and Danny Stewart

What advice would you give to current high school players?

Be patient, work on your game, and be confident. 

What was it like to play at Campbell for two seasons?

It was great, I grew as a player and also as a person. I grew up a lot down here. 

Describe what it was like to play for Head Coach Kevin McGeehan. 

Coach McGeehan recruited me while he was at Richmond, so we had a pretty good vibe with each other. I also had built a pretty good relationship with Coach Clark before committing and playing. Playing for him was good, he helped me grow and helped me learn the game. 

After which basketball player do you model your game after, and why?

Allen Iverson, just the heart that he played with, and always gave his all. He wasn’t scared of anything or anyone and he attacked the rim relentlessly. 

What has been the most memorable moment in your career so far?

The whole European trip we took last summer, something I will always remember. 

What does basketball mean to Troy Harper?

 It’s everything to me, it was my way out of the environment I come from. Without basketball I wouldn’t be in college, now I have the opportunity to do anything. 

Meet  Troy Harper

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All rights to ScarboroughPhotography.com

Why #33? 3 wasn’t open so I added another 3 and I am also a Grant Hill fan

Favourite Game-Day Meal?           Pasta with Chicken 

Favourite Song on Game-Day?   Phat Geez- Panda 

Favourite NBA Player?                    Allen Iverson

Loudest Visiting Arena?             Gardner Webb in the conf. tournament

Best Home Game Memory?    HS senior year at the Palastra vs Roman Catholic in our league championship game 

Twitter or Snapchat?                       Twitter

What do you like on your cheesesteak?  I get mayo, salt, pepper, and ketchup on my cheesesteaks

Gatorade or Powerade?            Gatorade, Grape 

Attended Major in College?    Sports Management 

Your best personality trait?     I am really goofy when I am comfortable with people.

Any hobbies? Outside of basketball I like to sleep


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